Diamond setter Azza Fahmy conveys Arab excitement to the core of London’s Mayfair

Diamond setter Azza Fahmy conveys Arab excitement to the core of London’s Mayfair

Azza Fahmy is unmistakable as Egypt’s first genuinely worldwide fine adornments brand, and records any semblance of pop star Rihanna and supermodel Naomi Campbell among its customer base

Gem dealer Azza Fahmy conveys Arab charm to the core of London’s Mayfair

Inventive Director Azza Fahmy with head originator Amina Ghali and MD Fatma Ghaly.

“I generally knew I’d be in magazines,” says Egyptian gem specialist Azza Fahmy. “I simply didn’t know why.”

Decked out in a splendid pink jumper peaked with an amazing Pharaonic neckband, there’s no mixing up the chutzpah that got Fahmy where she is today: tasting tea in the storm cellar of her recently stamped store in London’s most upmarket locale – the most recent in a worldwide system of 15 eponymously-named retail locations.

“In any case, it wasn’t constantly similar to this,” Fahmy says, with a glimmer in her eye much the same as that of her announcement pieces.

In 1969, when she was in her mid-twenties, Fahmy chanced upon a German book about the gems of Medieval Europe. She says it was a ‘light’ minute that propelled her to need to make gems that on legacy.

At the time, the goldsmiths’ quarter of Cairo’s Khan el Khalili souk was altogether male-commanded, yet that didn’t stop Fahmy attempting her fortunes and encouraging them to show her the specialty.

“They let me in… they preferred me,” she says, breezily, as though it was the most characteristic thing on the planet to end up Egypt’s first female gem dealer.

Worldwide brand

Her involvement in that bazaar would demonstrate basic in her prosperity. After her apprenticeship, she got a grant to think about gems plan in London in the mid-1970s, preceding coming back to Cairo and opening her first shop in 1981.

Today Azza Fahmy is conspicuous as Egypt’s first genuinely worldwide fine gems mark. The firm has teamed up with British originators Julien Macdonald and Matthew Williamson and records any semblance of pop star Rihanna and supermodel Naomi Campbell among its customers.

Talking from her Burlington Arcade store in London’s Mayfair, which opened in March, Fahmy says: “My long haul point has dependably been to infuse culture into gems… something pulled me towards it. I had a dream to do this.”

Carefully assembled

Harking back to the 1980s, Fahmy started by appropriating her Egyptian country’s history into her pieces, and caught up with accumulations that displayed Gulf, Moroccan, Palestinian and African legacy.

Today each piece is carefully assembled in the company’s Cairo atelier. A large number of the gems include Arabic content depicting messages of adoration, fellowship and peace, alongside conventional images from crosswise over societies.

“We never duplicate,” she demands, “we comprehend, process, and afterward think of something.”


These days Fahmy plans the accumulations close by her most youthful little girl, Amina. Her oldest little girl, Fatma, is the organization’s overseeing chief, and has led the new London store.

Fahmy says her two little girls grew up taking in the gems exchange not through decision but rather need.

“I was a single parent so I took them all over the place; they would clean jewels, stepping value names and setting up stalls. All things considered it was beneficial for them since they mastered everything there is to know.”

London calling

Overseeing chief Fatma sees extraordinary global potential for the brand. “It was the ideal opportunity for us to venture out of the Middle East district into Europe. We knew we should have been in one of the world’s mold capitals, for example, London, Paris or New York.

“We picked London since we have a considerable measure of association with the UK, it felt like a characteristic fit for us. It’s an esteemed Mayfair address and has a ton of gems legacy.”

Fatma says she needed to make an European physical store where individuals can come and experience the story.

“We offer on the web however it’s not the equivalent, particularly with gems. Individuals need in excess of a bit of metal: they need something with implying that they can associate with.”

GCC clients

Azza Fahmy originally propelled in Dubai in 2003 in the then-trendy Emirates Towers Boulevard and later moved into the adjacent Bloomingdales retail establishment.

Fatma says: “At this moment Dubai is experiencing a focused and testing stage, we don’t feel we are in the correct place to have a remain solitary shop so the Bloomingdale’s concession works for us.”

Fatma says the Azzy Fahmy mark was at first based on the dependability of Kuwaiti, Saudi Arabian and Egyptian customers. Be that as it may, the brand is seeing significantly more take up from Emiratis and Bahrainis today, she includes.

“A considerable lot of our GCC customers have youngsters at school in London and they occasion here, such a significant number of them will visit our London store,” Fatma says.

The firm is additionally seeing noteworthy online development in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait as customers turn out to be more alright with paying for merchandise on the web.

“Our online deals are around five percent of our worldwide incomes and I need to develop it to this inside three years to 10 to 12 percent – I trust we will outperform that,” she says.

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