Drake’s Huge New Tattoo Took 12 Hours

Drake’s Huge New Tattoo Took 12 Hours

Between coordinating sharks with Rihanna, Lil Wayne’s face, and his father’s mugshot, Drake is a veritable epicurean of life-changing tattoos.

Throughout the end of the week, Drake appeared much progressively new ink when he posted a shirtless photograph and a video of himself singing in a pool. The most recent expansion to his developing gathering? An immense owl in the focal point of his chest, with a wingspan that reaches out to the highest point of both of Drake’s shoulders.

It’s the biggest of his tattoos to date, and as indicated by an agent for Drake’s tattoo craftsman, Belgium-based Inal Bersekov, it’s a long way from being finished.

“Inal began the tattoo [a] couple of months prior,” the agent wrote in an email. “It’s not done yet.”

To be sure, Drake really flaunted the start of the tattoo prior this late spring, yet it was completely secured by his tank top.

The rep additionally said that the tattoo isn’t simply of an owl, which is the image for Drake’s organization October’s Very Own and record name OVO Sound, however an owl getting a mouse. This denotes the second owl tattoo on Drake’s body after he got the genuine logo for OVO inked on his back years prior.

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