Peter Berg talks Rihanna narrative

Peter Berg talks Rihanna narrative

Back in April 2016 we discovered that Peter Berg is working with Rihanna on a narrative about her life. In his ongoing meeting with Slash Film, the subject returned. It would seem that we may get the narrative this fall. As per the executive the film could be out in two months.

“I believe she’s an exceptional young lady and it truly is somewhat of an entirely thorough profile of what goes in to making her this ability that she is.” said Berg in regards to the venture. “The hard working attitude, the ability, luckiness, the hustle, the vision. She’s an incredibly fascinating lady and the motion picture will be out in about multi month and half, two months we’ll have the capacity to begin indicating it.”

Berg coordinated Battleship (2012) where Rihanna played a weapon authority. I am more than eager to perceive what they arranged for us. Numerous fans want to see an unfiltered take a gander at her life in the spotlight and in addition the in the background of her making Fenty realm.

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