Rihanna Has An Eyebrow Double

Rihanna Has An Eyebrow Double

Rihanna’s eyebrow craftsman Damone Roberts recently uncovered that the vocalist has stand-ins who try out wild magnificence slants so she can perceive what she would look like before she dives in.

Whenever inquired as to whether he could impart any vital encounters to his customers, Roberts reviewed the first occasion when he worked with Rihanna, for her Met Gala look from not long ago no less, and said that she had helping her eyebrows. She would not like to jump carelessly into the change, however, so she sent a “carbon copy display” in her place.

As indicated by Roberts, when you’re dealing with Rih’s foreheads, you initially need to “experiment with various looks on the eyebrows on the model,” and after that “send pictures to Rihanna and she chooses whether she needs to do it or not.” He said he attempted to get the ideal shading for the model’s temples and afterward sent the photographs off to Rihanna before the Met Gala. She was a fan: “She resembles, ‘I adored them! You gotta travel to NY and deal with me!’ and do them.”

While it’s unquestionably a luxury to send a clone to test magnificence pays special mind to you, we’re not totally astounded that she’s doing it. All things considered, when you’re Rihanna, you don’t possess energy for excellence blunder.

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