Rihanna says Happy Independence Day Barbados

Rihanna says Happy Independence Day Barbados

With an epic photograph of herself in a field of youthful sugar sticks with the sky, sea and slopes out of sight, Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty genuinely pays respect to these fields and slopes on this 52nd commemoration of Independence.

Also, for the individuals who don’t get the reference, that is a line from Barbados’ National Anthem – ‘…We steadfast children and girls all

Do thus make it known

These fields and slopes past review

Are presently our extremely own…’

Wearing a white spaghetti tied pullover with white catches down the front and ties at the shoulders, Rihanna looks lighthearted with her head hurled back and her breeze tousled hair strewn over her face.

Rihanna inscribed the photograph on her Instagram page:


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