Rihanna’s makeup secrets

Rihanna’s makeup secrets

Enty Your makeup should never be like a uniform inal with the motto ’Make your cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty an for Rihanna, the make-up artist Hector Espinal amalı Very good at playing with textures and techniques. He is also very brave and very talented.

Rihanna is undoubtedly one of the strongest names in the world of music di Her style claim is reflected in her collaborations with the fashion giants and her latest brands. After replacing the Fenty Beauty collection in September Sephora stores in Turkey lingerie brand The Savage X style icon came up with Fenty hesitate to take risks in this way reveals that: “what you makeup as well, we have fun he had. You should never feel under pressure. Your make-up should never be a uniform. Be courageous about trying your luck, taking risks, trying new and different things.

Her name, chosen by Rihanna’s makeup artists, follows in her footsteps. Hector Espinal, the global makeup artist of the Fenty brand, played a critical role in the development of 40 different foundations. She created the iconic and feminine makeup style that Rihanna used to wear on the red carpet and other important events. Proud of his Dominican origins, Espinal, a New York native, came to Istanbul for the promotion of the brand and answered our questions.

– Many celebrities are collecting their own makeup collection. What is the difference of Rihanna’s makeup collection?

Rihanna’s main focus was to create a makeup collection that could suit everyone. It creates all of its products in a way that every skin tone, gender, age and culture can be used. As an artist from the quality and surprisingly wide range of products, you can feel Rihanna’s focus on even the smallest details.

– Brand contains 40 different color tone products? What was the purpose and message of this?

The variety of color tones is important, because no matter who you are, you can feel like a part of the brand. Fenty Beauty is created as a brand that covers everyone, so everyone can find the most suitable product for themselves. Makeup is a fun thing and everyone should feel this feeling when using products.

– How to work with Rihanna?

It’s really an honor to work with Rihanna. She is a very talented makeup artist and is very helpful in everything to everyone. He’s meticulous, thoughtful and dominated by detail about all the products he’s created. Being around him and working with him inspires me and he is improving me a lot.

– How do you rate Rihanna’s makeup skills?

Unbelievable. Very good to play with textures and techniques. He is also very brave and very talented.

– Which product do their fans like more? Highlighter, foundation, lipstick, for example?

The biggest feature of the brand is to have a viable option for everyone within the collection. The most popular products include the Pro Filtestyler Foundation, Gloss Bomb, Stunna Lip Paint and Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters. My favorite product is Match Stix 20 Matte and 10 Shimmer Shade. A versatile product. You can use the contour as a concealer and highlight your face.

40 different shades of foundation

Rihanna’s collection, which is prepared in accordance with every skin and color type, includes 40 different toned foundation, transparent powder, headlight, illuminator, stick products that can be used for contours, make-up brushes, lip gloss, bases, oil-absorbent paper and a make-up sponge. Inspired by honeycomb and designed with magnets, all products can be clamped together. Thanks to this feature provides transportation and use comfort.

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