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Kiss by Rihanna: Unlocking the Essence of Luxury fragrance

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Presenting Kiss by Rihanna, a captivating flower scent that graced the aroma scene in 2017 as a dazzling addition to Rihanna’s fragrance collection. Taking after the success of RiRi in 2015 and Crush in 2016, Kiss risen with a particular charm, housed in a baby blue bottle decorated with a majestic golden cap, resounding the iconic design of its predecessors.

Revealing a symphony of delightful notes, Kiss opens with a agreeable mix of Plum, Freesia, and Neroli, setting the arrangement for a fragrant travel. The heart notes uncover a bouquet of Gardenia, Peony, and Orange Bloom, making a rich and ladylike substance. The fragrance concludes with a waiting appeal, as Vanilla, Cashmere Wood, Ambergris, Musk, and Cedar interlace to take off a enduring and important impression.

Planned to embody Rihanna’s brilliant female power, Kiss is more than a fragrance. it’s a explanation. Playful accords of delicious plums, the sensitive blooms of freesia, and the essence of Asian peony meet to capture the soul of Rihanna. With an charming smell that mesmerizes the senses, Kiss could be a confirmation to the pop sensation’s unique fashion and advancement.

The bottle itself may be a work of art, a significant and profound glass perfect work of art adorned with a golden-colored plug, including a touch of extravagance to the in general introduction. As you set out on a olfactory travel with Kiss by Rihanna, involvement the class, liveliness, and ageless charm that characterize this wonderful flower scent.

Ingredients of KISS

The top notes of Kiss by Rihanna form a captivating and harmonious presentation to the fragrance, combining the rich sweetness of Plum with the breezy and botanical subtleties of Freesia and Neroli. Plum contributes a delicious and juicy quality, setting the arrange for the following layers of scent to unfold.

Moving into the heart of the composition, the middle notes of Gardenia, Peony, and Orange Blossom take center organize. Gardenia, known for its creamy and smooth smell, intertwines with the delicate and sentimental essence of Peony, making a flower ensemble that radiates style. The expansion of Orange Bloom includes a touch of citrusy brightness, improving the generally dynamic quality of the heart notes.

As the fragrance evolves, the base notes give a wealthy and persevering establishment to Kiss. Vanilla includes a comforting and sweet warmth, whereas Cashmere Wood contributes a subtle, woody depth. Ambergris presents a hint of earthiness and marine agreement, consistently mixing with the arousing charm of Musk. Finally, Cedar completes the olfactory travel with its fragrant and woody character, including a touch of advancement to the general composition.

Design and accessible sizes

Kiss by rihanna fragrance

The tasteful charm of Kiss by Rihanna expands past its captivating fragrance to the dazzling plan and sizes of its bundling. The bottle, a shocking encapsulation of luxury, brags a significant and massive shape created from weighty glass, giving a sense of extravagance and advancement. Its visual request is encouraged increased by a golden-colored plug, including a touch of majesty to the general introduction.

Kiss is advertised in two sizes, giving alternatives to suit person preferences and utilization designs a helpful and travel-friendly 30 ml, and a more significant 100 ml Eau de Parfum. For those who look for a versatile alternative to carry the charming fragrance with them wherever they go, a 6 ml smaller than expected rollerball is additionally accessible. Whether decorating a pretension or going with an on-the-go lifestyle, the sizes and appearance of Kiss by Rihanna upgrade the in general involvement, making it a explanation piece for fragrance enthusiasts.

Kiss by Rihanna Price Overview

Within the world of fragrances, the cost tag regularly serves as a reflection of the substance typified inside a bottle. Enter Kiss by Rihanna, an olfactory masterpiece that marries elegance with reasonableness. This charming scent is accessible in two sizes, catering to differing inclinations and budget considerations.

The bigger variation, a generous 3.4 oz bottle, boasts a cost tag of $54.90(today amazon price). This measure not as it were gives fragrance aficionados with a sufficient supply of the captivating fragrance but too conveys remarkable esteem for those looking for a long-lasting investment in their olfactory travel. The 3.4 oz Kiss by Rihanna could be a confirmation to the thought that extravagance can be open without compromising on quality.

For those who prefer a more compact and convenient choice, the 1.0 FL oz bottle offers a delightful elective at a cost of $25.99. This smaller size is idealized for those on the go, permitting them to carry the charming scent with them all through their daily adventures. The 1.0 fl oz Kiss by Rihanna is not as it were a helpful choice but moreover a budget-friendly alternative for people looking for a taste of extravagance without breaking the bank.

Whether selecting for the bigger 3.4 oz size or the more compact 1.0 fl oz alternative, Kiss by Rihanna welcomes scent enthusiasts to enjoy in a ensemble of fragrances at a cost point that adjusts with their inclinations. In this delicate adjust of quality and reasonableness, Kiss by Rihanna develops as a reference point of open extravagance, demonstrating that everybody can involvement the charm of a celebrity-endorsed scent without compromise.

Where to Purchase Kiss by Rihanna

As the fragrance of Kiss by Rihanna calls, energetic devotees may wonder where they can obtain this captivating scent to weave into their everyday schedule. Fear not, for Kiss is promptly accessible through different channels, guaranteeing openness for scent aficionados around the world.

One most helpful choice for obtaining Kiss by Rihanna is the e-commerce giant, Amazon. The online retail behemoth offers the allure of hassle-free shopping and doorstep conveyance, making it a perfect stage for those who prefer the ease and comfort of online exchanges. With user-friendly interfaces and client surveys to direct your decision-making, Amazon serves as a virtual gateway to the world of Kiss by Rihanna, empowering devotees to easily include this scent to their collection.

For those who appreciate the unmistakable encounter of shopping in person, local stores stay a solid goal. Fragrance boutiques, office stores, and excellent retailers frequently highlight a curated choice of celebrity-endorsed scents, counting Kiss by Rihanna. A visit to these brick-and-mortar foundations allows clients to investigate the scent in individual, examining its delightful notes and encountering it’s in general charm some time recently making a buy.

Other Places to Buy Kiss By Rihanna Fragrance

In expansion to Amazon and local stores, an array of online stages moreover grandstands Kiss by Rihanna. Well-established scent retailers, beauty-focused websites, and indeed Rihanna’s official site are potential sources for securing this captivating fragrance. These all stages frequently give detailed item portrayals, client surveys, and secure payment choices, guaranteeing consistent and reliable shopping involvement.

Whether you prefer the comfort of online shopping through Amazon, the substantial investigation of neighborhood stores, or the differences of online stages, Kiss by Rihanna is standing by at your fingertips. Enjoy within the appeal of this scent, and let it ended up an necessarily portion of your individual fashion. After all, the travel to secure Kiss is as delightful as the scent itself, promising a consistent and fulfilling shopping involvement.


In conclusion, the allure of Kiss by Rihanna rises above the boundaries of a simple scent, evolving into an immersive sensory involvement that captivates with its complex mix of notes. The symphony of Plum, Freesia, Neroli, Gardenia, Peony, Orange Bloom, Vanilla, Cashmere Wood, Ambergris, Musk, and Cedar makes a magnum opus that mirrors Rihanna’s brilliant ladylike power. The considerable and rich bottle plan, reminiscent of its notorious predecessors, includes a touch of extravagance to the generally introduction.

Wherever you select to set out on this olfactory experience, Kiss by Rihanna guarantees an involvement of class, energy, and ageless appeal, welcoming you to create a explanation with each spritz. In grasping Kiss, one not as it were wears a scent but grasps a piece of Rihanna’s substance. It’s a captivating mix of fashion, advancement, and open extravagance.

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