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Rihanna Collaborations

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With a career crossing decade, Rihanna Fenty, better known by her stage title Rihanna, has ended up one of the foremost well-known celebrities of our day. From her beginning victory within the music business in 2005 with the catchy “Pon De Replay” to her afterward number-one hit, “Lift Me Up,” Rihanna’s way has been nothing brief of uncommon. In expansion to her solo interests, Rihanna has delighted us with a number of mind-blowing joint ventures with particular artists, illustrating her flexibility and talent as a performer. So I thought to write today about top Rihanna collaborations so far.

Whereas we’re still luxuriating within the aftermath of RiRi’s incredible Super Bowl halftime appear, it’s a great time to revisit a few of her most striking and powerful associations. Interface with us as we set out on a travel through the records of Rihanna’s career, examining the most prominent and best collaborations that have cleared out an changeless check on the music industry.

Let’s Take a Look What Are The Top Rihanna Collaborations.

‘Break It Off’ ft Sean Paul

Kicking off her string of vital collaborations, Rihanna joined forces with Jamaican sensation Sean Paul in 2006 for the energizing track ‘Break It Off’. This enthusiastic duo brought together their specific styles to create a cutting edge move bop that quickly captivated gatherings of people around the world. Rihanna’s sultry vocals blended reliably with Sean Paul’s signature dancehall sound, coming around in a chart-topping hit that ruled airwaves and move floors alike. ‘Break It Off’ showcased Rihanna’s capacity to collaborate with artists from assorted establishments while keeping up her possess extraordinary energy, setting the organize for numerous more compelling affiliations to come.

‘Umbrella’ ft Jay-Z

In 2007, Rihanna joined powers with hip-hop big shot Jay-Z to form one of the foremost iconic tunes in music history. ‘Umbrella’. This collaboration risen over straightforward victory, skyrocketing to the beat of the charts and keeping up its rule for weeks on end. The song’s overwhelming melody, coupled with Rihanna’s effective vocals and Jay-Z’s expressive ability, struck a chord with audiences around the world. Not only did ‘Umbrella’ rule the wireless transmissions, but it also earned essential approval, winning different awards and winning a pined for spot-on Rolling Stone’s prestigious list of ‘The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time’. The song’s persevering popularity could be a confirmation to the enchantment that can happen when two melodic powerhouses come together to create something truly exceptional.

‘Hate That I Love You’ ft Ne-Yo.

A short time later in 2007, Rihanna joined up with the famous singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, known for his exceptional songwriting capacities, to communicate in any case another standout collaboration. The result of their association was the mesmerizing track ‘Hate That I Cherish You’. This profound anthem showcased the verifiable chemistry between Rihanna and Ne-Yo, as they poured their hearts into the excited verses and captivating tune. The song’s intelligent examination of love’s complexities resounded deeply with listeners, winning it wide acknowledgment and cementing its status as a fan favorite. Rihanna and Ne-Yo’s collaboration on ‘Hate That I Love You’ demonstrated to be a incredible blend of their person capacities, encourage setting Rihanna’s reputation as a adaptable artist competent of conveying hits over a extend of classes.

‘If I Never See Your Face Again’ ft Maroon 5

In 2008, Rihanna joined up with the well-known American pop-rock band Maroon 5 to form the catchy tune ‘If I Never See Your Face Again’. This melody got to be a favorite among fans and was included on collections by both Maroon 5 and Rihanna. Their collaboration brought together Rihanna’s smooth vocals and Maroon 5’s signature pop-rock sound, coming approximately in a hit tune that resounded with audience individuals around the world. ‘If I Never See Your Face Again’ showcased the enchantment that happens when two skilled acts come together to create important music, clearing out an enduring impression on audiences all over.

‘Live Your Life’ ft T.I.

Within the same year, Rihanna joined up with American rapper T.I. for the song ‘Live Your Life’. This catchy tune was highlighted on the rapper’s 6th studio collection. Together, they made a paramount track that resounded with audience individuals. Rihanna’s captivating vocals combined with T.I.’s melodic stream resulted in a song that was both overwhelming and motivating. ‘Live Your Life’ showcased the enthusiastic collaboration between Rihanna and T.I., clearing out a persevering influence on fans all over.

‘Run This Town’ ft Jay-Z and Kanye West

In 2009, the famous Jay-Z joined up with Rihanna and Kanye West to create the famous tune ‘Run This Town’. This collaboration brought together three huge names inside the music industry. ‘Run This Town’ got to be a massive hit, with its catchy beats and capable verses. Rihanna’s vocals included a interesting touch to the melody, making it a favorite among fans. Together, Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kanye West made a track that cleared out a persevering impression on audience members around the world.

‘Hard’ ft Jeezy.

In Rihanna’s 2009 collection ‘Rated R’, there were plenty of standout tracks, and ‘Hard’ was certainly one of them. Collaborating with Jeezy, Rihanna made this lively tune that stood out from the rest. The song’s smart beat and compelling verses showcased Rihanna’s capacity to push boundaries and test with diverse sounds. With Jeezy’s commitment including an extra layer of concentration, ‘Hard’ became a fan favorite and set Rihanna’s reputation as a adaptable artist willing to require dangers in her music.

‘Love The Way You Lie’ ft Eminem.

Rihanna and Eminem have a history of making famous tracks together. In 2010, they dropped the hard-hitting ‘Love the Way You Lie‘, taken after by the melodic ‘Love the Way You Lie Part II’. But their collaboration didn’t stop there! Three a long time, the energetic pair joined up once more to discharge the prevalent tune ‘The Monster’. These collaborations showcased the chemistry between Rihanna and Eminem, mixing their particular styles to make uncommon music that reverberated with audiences around the world.

‘Who’s That Chick?’ ft David Guetta.

In 2010, renowned French DJ David Guetta enrolled the help of Rihanna to make the showstopper that’s ‘Who’s That Chick?’. Known for his skill at making chart-toppers, Guetta collaborated with Rihanna to deliver a melody that taken off to the Number 1 spot on the UK Dance Charts. ‘Who’s That Chick?’ captivated audience members with its powerful beats and Rihanna’s captivating vocals, setting its status as a dancefloor favorite. This collaboration between David Guetta and Rihanna exemplified their capacity to create music that rises over boundaries and rules the charts, taking off a permanent check on the music industry.

“Take Care” ft Drake.

After taking off her off Thank Me Later, Drake linked up with Rihanna on the title track of his classic sophomore collection. Drizzy and RiRi pass the baton back and forward, with the Caribbean Queen taking care of refrain duties to let Drake know she’ll continuously be there for him. In the meantime, the OVO frontman pours his heart out over mistakes he’s made within the past. The sultry collab heavily tests Jamie XX’s remix of Gill Scott-Heron’s “I’ll Take care of You.” A visual for the tune was eventually released in 2012, highlighting Drizzy and Rihanna lusting over each other, which put their fanbases into a free for all. The music video presently has more than 294 million views on YouTube as of press time, and “Take Care” come to a beat of No. 7 on the Hot 100.

“Talk That Talk” ft. Jay-Z

Taking after the triumph of “Run This Town” and “Umbrella,” RiRi and Hov joined strengths for “Talk That Talk,” which appeared up on Rihanna’s 6th studio collection of the same title. The Stargate-produced tune finds Jay adjusting his diversion a bit to fit the more pop complexion of the track, rhyming around the battles of remaining dependable while out on the road. Unfortunately, “Talk That Talk” didn’t totally fulfill its potential, as the tune was ruled by move hits from the 2011 extend like “Where Have You Been,” “We Found Love” and “Birthday Cake.”

 “What’s My Name” ft Drake

With Drake still longing after Rihanna ghosted him and freely denied anything wistful going on between the two, they joined up for one of their best collaborations to date. The hot “What’s My Name” powered RiRi’s Loud collection and went on to score her a third No. 1 record in 2010 alone. Numerous pondered the status of Drake and Rihanna’s relationship at the time, as he subliminally addressed Ri’s intentions earlier that summer on “Fireworks.” He even told The New York Times that he in a general sense felt used by her. “What’s My Name” was so powerful that Rihanna’s group had no choice but to take off Drake on the official collection cut, indeed though he was expecting for the remix.


In conclusion, Rihanna’s travel in the music industry has been nothing brief or uncommon, checked by a unique arrangement of important collaborations that have cleared out an permanent check on the music landscape.

From her very early breakout hits like ‘Pon De Replay’ to later chart-toppers like ‘Lift Me Up’, Rihanna has reliably illustrated her adaptability and capacity as a entertainer. Through collaborations with masters amplifying from Jay-Z and Kanye West to Eminem and Drake, Rihanna has showcased her capacity to rise above genres and make music that reverberates with audiences worldwide.

Each Rihanna collaborations has included a one-of-a-kind measurement to Rihanna’s famous career, setting her status as one of the foremost noticeable stars of our time. As we proceed to celebrate Rihanna’s exceptional accomplishments, we eagerly expect what future collaborations she has in store for us.

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