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Rihanna Old Tours

A Look Back at Rihanna’s Iconic Journey through the Lense of her Old Tours

Rihanna, the Barbadian diva, has left her stamp on music history not just via her chart-topping hits, but also through her electrifying live performances. Rihanna’s tours have reflected her artistic progression, demonstrating her flexibility, tremendous stage presence, and ability to connect with fans all over the world, propelling her to stardom not only as a singer, but also as a feminist icon who has inspired a slew of young female artists to be expressive in their own unique ways. Furthermore,

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Perth performence

HI All, I'm Emily Thompson

I am a writer, blogger, and a music producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. My journey as a music creator has been shaped by the vibrant and eclectic atmosphere of LA, influencing my unique approach to production

Emily Thompson

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